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Get in touch with Law Office of Bert M. Reid, Hemet, CA to get sound advice on real property transactions. With services since 1995, Mr. Reid has been resolving all real estate matters. From solutions to buying or selling a house, owning properties like a family residence, condominiums, or commercial real estate,

Mr. Reid has a solution to all your real estate problems.

  • Real estate closings and settlements

  • Contracts, leases, and rental agreements

  • Real estate loans and title transactions

Legal services for property transactions:

Defend your rights and interests with services from our highly experienced real estate attorney Mr. Reid, and give your case the attention it deserves. He will understand and advice you in the simplest possible way and help you achieve the result you deserve.

Committed to protecting your property rights

Talk to our knowledgeable attorney, Mr. Reid, and know more about family law, personal injury, and property transaction services.

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